Case Study - London Apartment for Medical Research

Case Study - London Apartment for Medical Research

Our All-in-one service helped this medical research professor find a suitable London serviced apartment with honest advice and a caring and trustworthy approach.


The Client

Prof. Annelize Nienaber
Professor of International Law & Bioethics, University of Pretoria


Tell us a bit about what you do and where you are based?

I am a university professor and head of an academic department. I lecture in international law and also bioethics at the University of Pretoria.

I am based in Pretoria, South Africa. I specialise in research ethics in medical research: because of this, I am the deputy-chair of a health research ethics committee

- I am one of those people who decide which medication is safe to test on humans..


How did you hear about Check-in-London?

I got to know Check-in-London quite by accident: Years ago (you will see from my photo I am no Spring-chicken, I was searching for a good price on a London apartment and - voila, there you were. 

I immediately made contact and got a really great deal! There was no seperating us from then on ...!.

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Describe your experience with Check-in-London in 3 words?

Great customer service and professional advice (6 words ;-))




The Feedback


What features/services of Check-in-London did you find were the most useful?

They offer a great variety of serviced apartments to suit every budget (which suits me as sometimes I have the university's money to spend, and sometimes only my own).

I also like the friendly staff - Gavin is a star and I have come to regard him as my friend!

He was so caring and helpful when I emailed rather historically from Seattle recently when my flight was delayed due to fog (though I saw no sign of fog anywhere ...)

- all the staff at Check-in-London really are very knowledgeable about the properties as well.

And, of course, the great prices they can get me on the properties is a big plus for me.

How did Check-in-London make a difference to your stay, would you recommend us to others?

Check-in-London makes a difference to my stay due to their friendly staff and their knowledge about London and which properties will suit which kind of traveller

- they really offer friendly, professional and local advice.

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What makes a great serviced apartment stay?


"A great serviced apartment stay for me is one where I do not have to worry about anything - I know that the apartment will be a real home away from home for me for a short while.

Of course, what is important to me is that I can trust Check-in-London for their honesty.

They will always offer me honest advice on the apartments which are available and they will negotiate great rates for me. 









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